Art Consulting Services –

DAC is a full-service art consultancy headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia.  For over 30 years, DAC has taken companies and organizations on a design journey that defines who they are.  A member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), DAC provides corporate art consulting, Hospitality Art Consulting and Healthcare Art Consulting services in local, national and international markets.  Our Atlanta based art consultants develop inspired artistic solutions that provide a customized setting for every Hospitality, Healthcare or Corporate projects that we work on.

At DAC, our strength lies in assisting our clients in identifying objectives for procuring an art program tailored to their needs and creative vision.  The DAC art consultant is the industry vanguard in locating the right artwork for a broad spectrum of applications.  Our clients are as varied as the types of projects we work on.  They represent architectural and interior design firms, hospitality groups, healthcare, corporate, private collections, and more.

Our full scope of art consulting services ensures a personalized experience, and we expertly combine function, design and budget to make art a statement of your brand.  These services include:

Custom Commissions + Local Expertise

The unique strength of our DAC team is in our experienced Georgia resourcing team.  The extent of our collaborative relationships around the globe allow for DAC to provide not only custom-sourced commissions for your project, but lead your design team to artists local to your project location.   Where the project is located, we have the team members to recommend an artist for you.


Graphic Design

Our full in-house graphics team work with interior designers and our Atlanta based art consultants to create, enhance and design original graphic commissions for your project.


Framing + Presentation

We can expertly oversee the appropriate framing solution since we understand the process from both the technical and creative perspectives. Our in-house framing studio is unrivaled, offering an enormous selection of fine moldings as well as our signature, custom hand-finished frames. Our framing operation is based out of Atlanta Georgia and ships all around the world


Selection + Acquisition

Our firm maintains a significant network of resources for artwork. We not only procure the works of our exclusively represented artists, but are also able to select from a matrix of superior sources that include some of the most sought-after artists in the industry.


Delivery + Installation

From crating and shipping to delivery and installation, DAC art consultants view this role as vital as any other service we provide. Our trusted installers and art handlers provide an expert and hassle-free service.


Industries we provide art consulting services for:

  • Local Art Resourcing
    • Let’s think local!  Properties all over the globe are embracing the local culture and looking for artists in their area to be a part of the project.  Our art resourcing team brings those local artists to you – wherever your project is.


  • Lifestyle & Hospitality Art Consulting
    • Our hospitality art consulting projects can be found across the world – from Spain to Seattle, Miami to Chicago.  Our team of art consultants have decades of experience sourcing unique concepts and ideas


  • Gaming & Casino Art Consulting
    • Whether in Las Vegas, the East Coast or in Europe; you can find our art pieces installed in some of the most unique gaming and casinos around the world.


  • Healthcare Art Consulting
    • We bring hospitality to all of our spaces, including our healthcare art consulting projects; reception, waiting areas, public circulation and treatment rooms. Art has the ability to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any room.


  • Mixed Use & Corporate Art Consulting
    • Original commissions, giclee and sculptures. Let them be the artistic statement that greets your clients as they visit your office space.


  • Senior Living Art Consulting
    • It is proven that art heals, provides inspiration and comfort. We start every Senior Living project with these ideas in mind and at the core of our curation for the property and its residents.


  • Cruise Line Art Consulting
    • Land and Sea; the DAC team brings our art consulting to guests all over the world.