Anthony Deljou | President

Anthony Deljou, oversees the corporate direction and strategy for DAC Art Consulting, including sales, support, consulting, marketing, and alliances and channels. He focuses on strategy, leadership, innovation, and customers. The Atlanta- based art consultancy employs nearly 100 employees across offices in Atlanta, Chicago and Dallas.

Before Joining DAC, Anthony Deljou has held Director or Senior Executive positions within companies in the fields of Fine-Art Publishing, Energy, Finance, Venture Capital and Real-Estate.  Anthony has played an integral role in the fine art industry for nearly 25 years as an art dealer and fine art publisher.  Prior to becoming the President of DAC, Anthony was an Executive Director at Deljou Art Group, the largest fine art publisher in the country. Anthony boasts a reputation for judicious use of resources, cost containment, unparalleled creativity and excellence in customer service. His direction and leadership have been instrumental in DAC quickly becoming a global leading art consultancy.

Cheryl Heisterberg | Senior Vice – President

Cheryl Heisterberg brings 18 years of experience to the team. Her approach focuses on delivering premierservice that meets clients’ briefs every time. Cheryl’s strength is her exceptional ability to share our clients’ vision. She instinctively understandstheir needs and creates exceptional art programs that complement the design of the project. With a meticulous mindset and passion for detail, there is no job too big or small for Cheryl. She is passionate about delivering on promises and giving clients the freedom to explore their own artistic impulses.

After earning her degree from The Ohio State University, Cheryl decided to further expand her educational background, graduating in Art History in 1997. From thereon in, she focused on her career in commercial design, successfully working her way up to VP at EDL & Associates, and later acquiring the same position at Soho Myriad Art. It will come as no surprises therefore, that Cheryl brings a wealth of experience and insight to all DAC clients.

“Art Is Not A Luxury, But A Necessity.” – Rebecca West