Art Consulting + Development


Our strength lies in assisting our clients to identify objectives for procuring an art program tailored to their needs and creative vision. The DAC consultant is the industry vanguard in locating the right artwork for a broad spectrum of applications. Working with your vision and developing it, we bring your space to life. With all facets of art consultancy under one roof, we offer a level of service that cannot be found anywhere else.

Custom Commissions + Local Expertise


Art installation requires expert sourcing to find exactly the right pieces and installations. The DAC team takes advantage of huge knowledge, experience and a wide network within the global art community.  The extent of our collaborative relationships around the globe allow for DAC to provide not only custom-sourced commissions for your project, but to provide artists local to your project location. Wherever your project is located, we have the team members to recommend an artist for you.

Graphic Design


Our full in-house graphics team work with interior designers and our art consultants to create, enhance and design original graphic commissions for your project. Cutting edge design techniques are used to bring the best out in your brand and provide an original and distinctive identity. We can take your existing artwork and recreate it, adjusting for new designs and color schemes. We can maximize your existing style and installations and make everything truly bespoke.

Framing + Presentation


Understanding the process from both the technical and creative perspectives, we oversee the framing process with an expert eye. Our in-house framing studio is unrivaled, offering an enormous selection of fine moldings as well as our signature, custom hand-finished frames. You need the best quality framing to showcase your art, and it can only be found with DAC.

Selection + Acquisition


Our firm maintains a significant network of resources for artwork. We not only procure works from our own exclusively represented artists, but are also able to select from a matrix of superior sources that include some of the most sought-after artists in the industry. We don’t just have contacts in the art community, we are at the vanguard of it. With DAC, your interiors are brought to life by the world’s most talented artists.

Delivery + Installation


From crating and shipping to delivery and installation, DAC consultants ensure safe and timely delivery of your art pieces. Our trusted installers and art handlers provide an expert and hassle-free service in line with your scheduling. Our expert fitters work in tandem with our consultants to ensure optimal location and presentation. Installed safely and securely, our art installation require no maintenance.

DAC Offers The Best Services

From inspiration to installation, our talented consultants collaborate with your team to bring the artistic vision needed to make your project a success.

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Installed Works Of Art

What to Expect From DAC

“A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.”

– Salvador Dali

Local Art Resourcing

Let’s think local!  Properties all over the globe are embracing the local culture and looking for artists in their area to be a part of the project. Our art resourcing team brings those local artists to you – wherever your project is

Hospitality & Lifestyle

Our hospitality projects can be found across the world – from Spain to Seattle, Miami to Chicago. Our team of art consultants have decades of experience sourcing unique concepts and ideas. From gorgeous boutique hotels to the world’s most elegant 5* resorts, we provide the lifestyle and immersive experience your guests want. Whether classic, avant-garde or modern, luxury is a given with DAC.

Gaming & Casino

Whether in Las Vegas, the East Coast or in Europe, you can find our art pieces installed in some of the most unique casinos in the world. We enhance the playing experience by creating dynamic, inviting and comfortable places to play. Art is what provides the ultimate guest experience, and the experience is what keeps your guests coming for more.


We bring hospitality to all of our spaces: reception, waiting areas, public circulation and treatment rooms. Art has the ability to bring a sense of warmth and comfort to any room. We understand the healing power of art and its role in recovery and rehabilitation which is why our art consultants center all art installations around patients’ wellbeing.

Corporate & Mixed Use

Original commissions, giclee and sculptures. Let them be the artistic statement that greets your clients as they visit your office space. A corporate identity reveals who you are and what you stand for. DAC encapsulates your identity through cutting edge and compelling art installations that reflect who you are as a business, and where you are going. You have only one chance to make a great first impression – be seen how you want to be seen with DAC.

Senior Living

It is proven that art heals and provides inspiration and comfort. We start every Senior Living project with these ideas in mind and make them the core of our curation for the property and its residents. Good art comforts, inspires and stimulates. We make Senior Living Residences a pleasure to live in and to visit with high quality and well researched art installations. With dignity and comfort, DAC art consultants create positive living environments.

Cruise Line

Inspiration and creativity cover both land and sea – DAC brings art onboard the world’s finest cruise ships. DAC art installations provide the perfect ambiance on some of the world’s finest ocean-going vessels. Our work has sailed the 7 seas, providing tasteful interiors, elegant finishings and a sense of sophisticated yet unbridled luxury.


studio | dac is a dedicated team of art consultants focused on providing creative and unique selections for your select-service, midscale and upper-midscale hospitality projects. The newest division of the DAC team is focused on creating collections that meet the needs of the projects within these sectors. By incorporating local emerging artists into your selections, we create customized, unique, locally-sourced, and cost-effective pieces to express your design.



“For the Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile, DAC sourced original artwork from local artists and commissioned custom pieces to convey our design story whilst meeting our budgetary requirements. DAC was a true collaborative partner on the project and we couldn’t be more pleased with the end result.”
Gina Tomczak | Hyatt Chicago Magnificent Mile with Looney & Associates
“Distilling a project to its essence and translating that concept into artwork is no easy feat. Theart consultants at DAC instinctively knew the identity we needed and had the expertise to deliver it. It was a challenge which they rose to with undaunted grace. Truly a pleasure working with DAC.”
Malcolm Berg | AIA, NCARB EOA
“Over the years, Simeone Deary Design Group has had the pleasure of working with DAC Art Consulting on many projects. The team exudes confidence and warmth and always exhibits a level of expertise in every aspect of their business. DAC is undoubtedly a key factor in our success”
Diana Keen | Simeone Deary Design Group, Associate
“Working with DAC was extremely rewarding. Their team of consultants always provides us with great imagery and interesting, thoughtful takes on our concepts. They are wonderfully flexible and able to bring our ideas to life. Working with existing ornamentation, they breathed new life into our space.”
Elizabeth Temple with Baskervill | Hilton St. Louis Downtown at the Arch
“DAC is our go-to art consulting firm. DAC is consistently reliable and we feel like they are part of our in-house team. Every employee we worked with treated our project like it was the most important project they had. Their artistic insight and intuitive understanding of our projects helps us to create magnificent spaces.”
Amelie Hicks | Richard McCormack Design
“DAC has been a great partner on both public space and guestrooms projects. They always surprise us with fresh and out of the box ideas, keeping diverse regional styles at the forefront. They are also always up for the challenge on budget sensitive projects. DAC is a pleasure to work with and is very responsive to all of our needs.”
Laura McKoy | Omni Hotels & Resorts
“The sophisticated art package that DAC Art Consulting helped us pull together adds the perfect accents of color, allowing the room to feel new and fresh. It successfully captures the Hawaiian spirit that guests expect to find when staying in Waikiki. The artwork integrates beautifully, naturally and seamlessly. “
Julianne Cary, Designer | Looney & Associates
“The primary goal of the Grand Hyatt Washington renovation was to re-engage the hotel with its contemporary surroundings. The design concept is based on an urban forest and the iconic 120-feet crystal chandelier creates a waterfall effect. DAC was key in helping us select successful artwork that speaks to our design concept.”
Shauna Achey & Alison Baine | TVSdesign
“Our design approach for the Homewood Suites Orlando property was to create an environment that embodied a sense of playfulness within a new style of casual elegance. DAC succeeded in providing abstract, organic pieces with a sophisticated edge that added the perfect finishing touch to our luxurious, laissez faire concept.”
Patti Tritschler, President | Interior Image Group
“We start with art as the catalyst for the experiences we create. For us, art is never an afterthought. DAC is a longtime collaborator on our projects because they research, experiment and are willing to go far beyond the obvious. With this type of alliance, the results are stunning. We are huge fans! And, I might add – so are our clients!”
Jillian Van Dresser | VAN DRESSER
“We have worked with DAC on many occasions, most recently providing 3 unique art pieces for our project, “The Betty”. Understanding our design aesthetic, DAC made the process incredibly simple. We so appreciate the opportunity to work with art consultants who share our passion for the small details that make our spaces so memorable.”
Karen Herold, President | Studio K Creative

“Art Is Not A Luxury, But A Necessity.” – Rebecca West