The award winning studio | dac is a dedicated team of art consultants focused on providing unique art selections for budget driven projects around the world. Created by DAC Art Consulting, studio | dac provides creative and unique selections for your select-service, midscale and upper-midscale hospitality projects. Benefitting from complete in-house design and production, studio | dac partners with clients to deliver affordable yet fully bespoke art solutions. studio | dac is focused on creating collections that meet the needs of projects within the hospitality that demand stunning, distinct and inspiring

environments.  Meeting scheduling and financial constraints, studio | dac brings world class custom installations to budget sensitive projects. By incorporating emerging artists, cost-effective materials and use of our own production facilities in Atlanta, we create customized pieces to express your brand, identity and aesthetic. studio | dac is led by a team of experienced art consultants, interior designers and artists. Together, we deliver inspired boutique style solutions to projects around the world.

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Your Bespoke Solution for Budget Driven Projects

Our studio|dac consulting team is focused on providing you the scope of art consulting services your project is looking for.  Not too little, not too much but the perfect collaboration for what your design requires. We expertly combine function, design and budget to make a lasting art statement for your design..

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