Our Approach






Our DAC team will review the interior designer’s vision to best understand

the aims and ideas for the project. We become in tune with the desired aesthetic

to ensure all parties are working toward a common goal. Once the themes and concepts

underlying the project are established, we start the process of bringing the vision to life.




DAC will present concepts and alternative ideas for the project. Budgeting, sketching

and new art methods are all discussed in this phase of the project. We bring a range of

creative options with hands on presentations to see, consider and discuss how different

pieces can work in your space. Cooperation and communication underline this phase.




With a database of thousands of artists, we find the best artist for your project. Using local,

established and emerging artists, we find the right creator for your installations. For local themes,

we source the best local artists and pieces. Alternatively, we can use our global network to find

the perfect pieces for your project. We stop at nothing to find the perfect art for your particular space.




We provide your team with custom samples of all art pieces, on all required mediums for

consideration and approval before full production. Feedback and discussion take place to

ensure all installations meet the brief and goals of the project. Once approved, we begin

implementation and turn your space into a stunning immersive experience.

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint”

– Edward Hopper

Our Values


Artistic vision runs deep through our company.  Pulling from the strength of our history, experience and leadership, we curate, collect and create the most distinctive pieces from around the world. We define ourselves by our relationships, and the stunning creations that result from collaboration.  Working with artists, interior designers, architects, purchasing agents, brands and owners, DAC forges bonds to make beauty an everyday reality.  Each project is not only a new opportunity for us to exhibit our artistic talents, but a chance to empower you to express your own identity.



the condition of being esteemed

 or honored



character with respect to fineness,

or grade of excellence


[kuh n-sis-tuh n-see]

steadfast adherence to the same

principles, course, form


[kree-ey-tiv-i-tee] – the ability to

transcend traditional ideas, rules,

patterns, relationships, or the like,

and to create meaningful new ideas,

forms, methods, interpretations, etc.;

originality, progressiveness, or imagination


[kon-fi-duh ns]

full trust; belief in the powers,

trustworthiness, or reliability of DAC



ability to think or express oneself in

an independent and individual

manner; creative ability.


[ahrt-fuh l]

done with or characterized

by art or skill



reliance on the integrity, strength,

ability, surety, etc., of DAC;



 [in-duh-vij-oo-uh-liz-uh m]

 individual character; individuality.

Our Story


DAC is devoted to the world of art and your place in it. Our consultants collaborate with clients to enhance their image and environment with appropriately selected artwork.  Artistic vision, experience and leadership have positioned DAC as the most reputable and yet avant-garde force in commercial design.

Our full scope of art consulting services ensures a personalized experience, and we expertly combine function, design and budget to make art a statement of your brand. Since 1982, DAC has been serving the art consulting needs of the hospitality, healthcare and corporate sectors across the USA and beyond.


From large resorts to bed and breakfasts, art is a vital part of setting the scene and evoking the emotions you want your patrons to feel. Whether you’re striving for elegant or modern, classic or avant-garde, DAC will guide you through the art selection and installation process. With DAC, unforgettable immersive experiences come as standard.

From staterooms to conference rooms, our art consultants will inspire the art acquisition process with vision, passion and attention to detail. In the world of hospitality, no two places are alike and your artwork should reflect that unique character. DAC’s access to a wealth of art and frame resources will suit every need and budget.


For corporate clients, art does much more than simply provide a pleasant and productive working environment; it is a way to visually convey the essence of your corporate culture. DAC will work with you to carefully curate a collection that speaks to your company’s identity and where it wants to go.

Our corporate art consultants will work with you to reinforce the message of your brand through creative art displays that are compelling and visually appealing. DAC works with a team of graphic designers and branding artists who use innovative printing, mounting and framing techniques to transform your company’s branding into a work of art.

Healthcare and Senior Living

Research has shown that having art within a healthcare setting helps patients heal faster. At DAC, our objective is to assist in the healing process through art that speaks to patients, inspires thought and encourages positivity. We work closely with hospitals and healthcare facilities to deliver special environments conducive to healing.

DAC’s art consultants, armed with 30 plus years of experience in healthcare artwork, are highly trained in the color theory associated with patient recovery. Even a subtle shift in color can positively affect one’s overall experience which is why we work diligently with our clients to assure that the chosen artwork contributes to patient wellbeing.


Some of Our Fantastic Clients


“Art Is Not A Luxury, But A Necessity.” – Rebecca West